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Shaula Massena

“Thanks to ImpactAssets, I can recommend both grants and investments to Express Advantage, a customized opportunity I couldn’t have found elsewhere.”

The Challenge

 After years of grantmaking, Shaula Massena was concerned that she might not be making the most efficient use of her assets in supporting opportunities for people to get ahead in life. Since having this realization, Shaula has focused her grantmaking on organizations that help people help themselves. “My goal,” she explained, “has been to learn the most effective way to use my resources for the empowerment of others on their paths to self-determination.”

The Solution

In her search for new ways to leverage and align her portfolio, Shaula discovered Express Opportunities, a partnership between Express Credit Union and Express Advantage. Express Credit Union provides affordable financial services to low and moderate-income families, helping them build their assets and achieve financial security. Their partner nonprofit, Express Advantage, coordinates financial literacy & education, credit counseling, and language support.

The Impact with ImpactAssets

As a credit union, Express Credit Union is not eligible for a tax-deductible grant. But ImpactAssets makes it possible for Shaula to support the credit union by recommending an investment from her ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund account.  Furthermore, as a consumer, she is able to directly aid in growing the institution by taking a car loan for which the interest she pays is part of the earned revenue that sustains them.

Shaula also recommends grants to Express Advantage from her ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund account. This unique hybrid of investment and philanthropy helps ensure that Shaula contributes to Express Opportunities in the most effective way possible.

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Impact investments are investments made into organizations and funds that generate measurable social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.