Sparking a Virtuous Cycle of Impact with Year-End Giving

Significant opportunity often presents itself beneath the surface of a tremendous challenge.

We are, clearly, in a moment of immense challenges; but we are also in a moment of immense opportunity. At this time of year many of us find ourselves asking versions of the same question: “What more can I do?”

At ImpactAssets we have found investing capital to finance real-world impact is among the most effective pathways for generating lasting change. Simply put – when we change the flow of our dollars, we change the trajectory of our world.

Year-end giving is often focused on the tax benefits which are important.  ImpactAssets is proudly committed to helping our donors go beyond tax benefits and use a modern approach to philanthropy, one that is especially well-suited for this moment of challenge and opportunity. The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund (DAF) uses both grant-making and impact investing to achieve the real-world outcomes our clients seek – progress on the climate crisis, on racial equity, on gender equality, and on a host of other impact themes. Indeed, our DAF has a dedicated impact investing platform that enables donors to recommend private impact investments, as well as grants.

Here's why that distinction matters so much: Private investment capital has an essential and urgent role to play, alongside grants and government funding, in driving real-world impact on the world’s most pressing challenges. Impact investments – especially, financing that catalyzes further rounds of future investment – can ignite a virtuous cycle of sustainable progress. Such investments can spark impact not only right now; they can carve a new path through which future capital can flow with increasing efficiency and be reinvested for greater impact.

In this way, our clients harness the immense power of finance for good and amplify the impact of every dollar. It is philanthropy that is fit-for-purpose in 2023.

So, for those seeking to answer the “What more can I do? question,” the ImpactAssets team stands ready to assist and offer its deep expertise. If you are new to the world of DAFs, we can help you get started right away and achieve meaningful tax benefits for your 2023 return. If you already have a ImpactAssets DAF account, we’d welcome the chance to reconnect and discuss new ways in which you may be able to help bend the arc of progress in favor of the opportunity before us right now.

The Donor Advised Fund section of our website is a great place to begin exploring this potential.


The above post is offered for informational purposes only, and is not meant as tax advice. Potential donors should consult their tax and/or legal advisor prior to making any donation or gift.