Thought Leadership Series: Breakthrough Strategies with Emerging Managers

By Kavita Vijayan, Director, Strategic Marketing Communications, ImpactAssets.

This six-part series, Breakthrough Strategies with Emerging Managers is a partnership between Confluence Philanthropy and ImpactAssets to lift up the voices of emerging fund managers, sharing their perspectives and experiences, as they shine a light into the challenges and the opportunities in this unique ecosystem.

The world of emerging impact funds is one of promise—with breakthrough ideas, fresh leadership, exciting new portfolio companies and disruptive business models. This sort of pioneering approach can be particularly powerful in the areas of climate solutions and racial equity investing, where innovation can often create outsized impact and financial returns as well as challenge long-entrenched investment practices.

So why is it more challenging for emerging fund managers and business models that show early promise of success to scale? We know there are systemic hurdles—from the limitations of traditional risk management frameworks to the inability to access influential networking circles. Removing systemic hurdles could be key to creating a healthier planet and a more inclusive society.

This very premise was behind ImpactAssets’ launch of the annual ImpactAssets 50 Emerging Impact Fund Managers list in 2020. We felt it was important to shine a spotlight on “up and coming” impact fund managers pursuing unique investment strategies or impact themes to bring much needed awareness to these innovative trailblazers breaking new ground.

It was also the impetus for our partnership with Confluence Philanthropy on its pilot program for Emerging Fund Managers, while advancing our mutual commitment to both climate solutions and racial equity. ImpactAssets helped this new program competitively source applicants from the IA 50 Emerging Impact Fund Managers list, resulting in a cohort of six for the pilot. The program gives the cohort access to Confluence member events and individual support from the program team to access all Confluence community benefits.

With this six-part blog series, we are thrilled to be able to lift up the voices of this first cohort members, sharing their perspectives and experiences, as they shine a light into the challenges and the opportunities in this unique ecosystem:

Confluence_Burnt Island

It’s Time for Serious Capital to Flow to Water

Alberto Gomez CO_Capital

Systemic Investment For Latin American Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems

William Harris, WCCN

Microfinance Empowers Mothers and Future Generations

Pawan Mehra

The Confluence of Three Megatrends: An Opportunity of a Generation

Confluence_Renske Linde web

The Outsized Impact Opportunity of Investing in Women

good scout capital confluence

Capitalism’s Better Angels Have Emerged to Revive the American Dream

LEGAL AND PROGRAM DISCLAIMER: This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities, nor a private placement offering. Nor is this an endorsement of any of the featured impact fund managers. It is intended for informational, educational and discussion purposes only.