Paying it Forward to the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

After receiving funding for his company, Devoted Health, through an ImpactAssets Client Recommended Investment, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Todd Park, was inspired to open his own ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund.

ImpactAssets client, Todd Park, is both an investor and entrepreneur in the healthcare space. He cofounded Devoted Health in 2017, a company that is holistically improving the health and well-being of older Americans through a comprehensive suite of tech-enabled, prevention-oriented healthcare services. Park's company received a sizeable equity investment from an ImpactAssets client in 2020 as part of Devoted’s Series C and closed an additional $1B+ fundraising round a year later. The company has continued to skyrocket since.

Park is now investing in other impact companies through his ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund, supporting the next generation of health entrepreneurs. Park is hopeful that as this idea of “paying it forward” through impact investing gains momentum, it can produce “virtuous spirals” of social good.

“I’m optimistic that this is a pattern that will continue to become more and more widespread,” says Park.


This impact story originally appeared in our 2023 Impact Report.

In 2022, ImpactAssets clients sourced and recommended 226 direct investments in companies and funds that aligned with their impact and investment goals, totaling $132M.

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