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The IA 50 2024 Impact Fund Manager Showcase is live!

A Diverse Landscape
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Now in its thirteenth year, the ImpactAssets 50™ is the most recognized free database of impact investment fund managers. This annually updated list is a gateway into the world of impact investing for investors, financial advisors and philanthropists. The IA 50 offers an easy way to identify experienced and emerging impact fund managers and is intended to illustrate the breadth of impact fund managers operating today, though it is not a comprehensive list. Fund managers selected to the IA 50 demonstrate a wide range of impact investing activities across geographies, sectors and asset classes.

The IA 50 is not an index or investable platform and does not constitute an offering or solicitation to buy or sell securities or a private placement, or recommend specific products. Nor is this an endorsement of any of the listed fund managers. It is not a replacement for due diligence.

The IA 50 is focused on private debt and equity fund managers to provide a centralized source of information that is not publicly available elsewhere. However, investing for impact can be done across many asset classes and we encourage investors to make use of other resources (US SIF, The GIIN) in evaluating sustainable, responsible impact investing options.

The IA 50 2024 Impact Fund Managers

We’re proud to spotlight impact fund managers across three distinct categories.

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*Criteria such as minimum track record or minimum assets under management may not be applicable.

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Our Selection Process

To compile our annual list of fund managers, ImpactAssets assembles an annual Review Committee of experienced, respected impact investment leaders.

The IA 50 Review Committee selects firms according to a set of criteria developed to ensure that the list includes a diverse set of firms with experience in the field, scale in terms of AUM and investor base, commitment to impact and representing a range of approaches, asset classes and impact areas. Particular consideration will be given to firms that demonstrate a unique strategy, under-represented impact theme and leadership diversity in view of application pool.

IA 50 Baseline Criteria

All fund managers included in the IA 50 are evaluated at the firm level.

  • $25M assets under management (AUM)
  • 3-year minimum track record
  • Fund Manager must operate in:
    • More than one country;
    • A country with significant population;
    • A sizeable region of the United States; and/or
    • An area where local funding is insufficient to support community needs.
  • Manage assets that are recoverable
  • Accept US investment
  • Have demonstrated financial capacity/oversight
  • Have demonstrated significant commitment to social impact and have tracked clear measures of social and/or environmental impact (GIIRS rating, use IRIS metrics, or other indicators to be determined)

Emeritus Manager Criteria

All of the IA 50 Baseline criteria as well as:

  • Minimum of 5 years on the IA 50
  • Demonstrated commitment to impact thesis and are actively investing

Emeritus Managers will be selected based on the size and composition of the application pool.

Emerging Impact Manager Criteria

All of the IA 50 Baseline criteria except:

  • No minimum track record required
  • No minimum or maximum AUM required

Emerging Impact Managers will be selected based on the size and composition of the application pool.

For a more detailed discussion of how ImpactAssets evaluates impact in the selection of the ImpactAssets 50, please review the ImpactAssets Issue Brief: Assessing the Impact Capacity at the Firm Level.

IA 50 2025: Apply For Consideration

The application period for the IA 50 2025 will open in September 2024. To stay informed on the IA 50 application process, sign up here.

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