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Impact Investment Platform

ImpactAssets’ Impact Investment Platform features a wide selection of fully vetted impact investment options across public and private markets, debt and equity, liquid and illiquid. Together with our clients, we’ve demonstrated that investors do not have to give up returns or take outsized risk to invest with impact. Our platform features a range of investments that address the world’s greatest challenges, geared to serve every kind of investment style—from market-rate to concessionary.

Investment Solutions

Impact Themes

Climate Solutions

Racial Equity

Gender Equality

Health & Wellness


Reducing Inequalities

Poverty Alleviation

And more

Investment Vehicles

Private Funds

Private Companies

Public Markets: Mutual Funds, ETFs, Single stocks

Recoverable Grants

Program Related Investments (PRIs)

Investment Types

Venture Capital

Private Equity

Private Debt

Small Business Lending


Project Finance

Cash Equivalents

Emerging Markets

International Investing

Investment Objectives

Market Rate


Impactful Cash

Capital Preservation

Moderate Growth

Aggressive Growth

And more

ImpactAssets Managed Strategies and Portfolios

Accelerate your impact on the issues you care about.

Drawing on a collective 200 years of investment experience, the ImpactAssets Investment Team specializes in expert analysis of big systemic challenges and the construction of a portfolio of investments to activate positive change. Our team manages $820M in proprietary strategies—drawing from opportunities in public and private investments, debt and equity, funds and companies—to move the needle on each major impact theme.

Thematic Strategies

Climate Solutions Fund

Racial Equity Fund

Gender Equality Fund

Community Investment Strategy

COVID Response - Stop the Spread Fund

Business and Community Resilience Fund

Preserve the Progress Fund

And more

Balanced Portfolios

Liquid Impact Portfolio (cash management)

Conservative Impact Portfolio

Moderate Impact Portfolio

Aggressive Growth Impact Portfolio

Customized Investment Services


ImpactAssets Charitable Funds

Addressing the causes you care about with the amplifying power of impact investing.

The ImpactAssets Charitable Funds tackle complex issues by harnessing our deep expertise and the power of impact investing to address the urgent needs of worthy causes including climate solutions, racial equity, gender equality and more.  


Charitable Funds

ImpactAssets Wildfire Resilience Charitable Fund

ImpactAssets Racial Equity and Economic Opportunity Charitable Fund

ImpactAssets Stop the Spread Charitable Fund

ImpactAssets Preserve the Progress Charitable Fund

ImpactAssets Business and Community Resilience Charitable Fund

Philanthropic Solutions

Philanthropic Account Options

While we are best known for the ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund, we provide other account types to support all of your philanthropy and impact investing needs.

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