Our Approach

Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future requires investments in climate mitigation, adaptation and justice strategies. Impact investors and philanthropists have a unique and key role to play in addressing climate change, focusing on the areas that are critically important and yet where investment from all sectors (including government) continues to lag.

By channeling capital to areas where the biggest gaps in climate funding exist, we can help reduce global net greenhouse gas emissions and improve the climate resilience of vulnerable communities worldwide.

Our Focus Areas


Climate Justice

Ensure an equitable transition centering on the needs of communities most vulnerable to climate change impacts.


Energy Transition

Accelerate the deployment of proven green technology at scale, and ensure it is deployed equitably.


Deep Decarbonization

Invest in notoriously hard-to–abate sectors: agriculture, industry, transportation & buildings.


Nature-Based Solutions

Preserve biodiversity & protect nature as a source for carbon drawdown.

Our Impact By The Numbers

Portfolio companies and impact funds

“We are motivated by a real sense of urgency to invest in communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis— to accelerate a just transition to net zero carbon emissions. Due to the urgency of the crisis, we are committed to investing and granting 100% of our ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund towards climate solutions within the next decade. As philanthropists and investors, we are in a continual process of learning how to deploy our capital in the most helpful and equitable ways. We are making grants to support efforts like campaigns fighting for climate justice and good green jobs. On the investing front, we’re making catalytic investments in projects like Tribally-owned renewable energy companies that bring energy independence and build generational wealth.”

Claire Raffel and David Bice
ImpactAssets Clients


Focus Area Spotlight

Renewable Energy Pioneers Proved What’s Possible. Now, Investors Must Scale the Solutions – and Fast

The transition to clean energy is well underway—but it’s not moving nearly fast enough. The UN Secretary-General has stated that if global climate goals for 2050 are to remain within reach, investment in the energy transition must triple by 2030.

Despite this massive and urgent investment need, some of the most critical clean energy infrastructure projects struggle to attract sufficient funding, simply because they require innovative financing models.

What’s needed now—in addition to an influx of investment capital—are creative new financing approaches to nurture and scale the growth of the green infrastructure sector.

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Solar panels being installed on rooftop

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Dana Cotter, ImpactAssets and Nick Peters, ImpactAssets Capital Partners

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