Q&A: Community Investment Management Emerging Markets Credit Strategy

Insights below are from ImpactAssets Capital Partners PB LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ImpactAssets that is a registered investment advisor. ImpactAssets Capital Partners advises ImpactAssets regarding the ImpactAssets Investment Platform. These insights should only be relied upon for donor advised fund decisions and not any personal investment decisions. 


Q: Why did ImpactAssets select this strategy for the ImpactAssets Investment Platform?

Our continued goal is to provide our community with access to diversified investment opportunities and demonstrated impact. This private debt strategy is dedicated to investing in innovative credit providers and financial technology companies that increase access to capital for underserved demographics. For donors focused on achieving meaningful, on-the-ground social impact, this opportunity represents a well-suited offering from an existing relationship and performing institutional manager, Community Investment Management (CIM). The emerging markets strategy is an extension of CIM’s proven U.S.-based asset-backed lending strategy. Notably, the emerging markets strategy offers high liquidity features (monthly redemptions with no lock-up period) and is also expected to deliver market-rate financial returns. 

Q: What's exciting to you about the strategy's impact thesis?

The strategy is expected to generate strong impact both directly and indirectly – by increasing access to credit for underserved communities and by developing ecosystems for responsible credit products, respectively. Together, these interventions will promote equitable economic growth, job creation, and the health and financial sustainability of local communities, both for small businesses and low- or medium-income households. 

Q: Key insights from the due diligence process?

Emerging markets are often more volatile than developed markets, which is why investing in them requires consideration of additional factors such as political risks, macroeconomic impacts and currency fluctuations. This strategy is unique as it targets geographic markets with the appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks that allow for the effective mitigation of those risks. CIM’s robust risk management also includes the creation of customized loans that are structured to align with the lending partner’s maturity and lending products offered. As a result, the lending partners are de-risked as investments over time, which in turn allows them to scale and access lower costs of financing from other capital providers. At the same time, investors benefit from strong principal protection of their capital. CIM is disciplined and conservative, providing benefits to both its investor partners and lending partners. 

Q: Who is this strategy appropriate for?

From a risk and return perspective, this strategy may be an excellent option for donors pursuing a moderate risk strategy for their donor advised fund accounts and who are seeking market-rate returns and liquidity. From an impact perspective, the strategy provides both tangible benefits to underserved communities in emerging markets and offers positive externalities such as the development of fintech markets in local economies and the expansion of globally inclusive financial systems. 

Community Investment Management Emerging Markets Credit Strategy is available for investment through the ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund. Login to DonorWeb to make a recommendation. Investment minimums apply. View fact sheet.

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