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ImpactAssets closes the gap between impact investing interest and action by providing products for philanthropists and individual investors.


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We believe that all investments have social and environmental impact in addition to financial impact. All the investment options offered by The Giving Fund are chosen for the opportunity to provide positive social and environmental returns, as well as the potential of financial return to preserve and grow your philanthropic capital.

  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking the ease of a “turn-key” investment portfolio

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  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking curated direct investments

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  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking to build their own investment portfolio

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  • IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking to be an “impact entrepreneur”

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Select a “Turn-Key” Portfolio

with ImpactAssets Impact Portfolios

IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking the ease of a “turn-key” portfolio

100% Impact Portfolios provide diversified access to world-class fund managers addressing social and environmental issues across asset classes. These four portfolios have been designed for different investment and grantmaking time horizons, risk appetites and liquidity profiles. You may allocate to one or more portfolios.

Portfolios with a shorter time horizon feature liquid fixed income funds that prioritize capital preservation objectives. Portfolios with longer time horizons feature a greater percentage of public equities and private debt and equity, seeking the potential for greater risk and return.

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Portfolio Options

Investment Horizon


Liquid Impact Portfolio

0-12 months

Cash equivalents and short-term fixed income

Conservative Impact Portfolio

1-3 years

U.S. short-term bonds and higher yielding private debt.

Moderate Impact Portfolio

3-5 years

Balanced portfolio of global stocks, bonds and private debt.

Aggressive Impact Portfolio

5-7 years

Diversified investment portfolio of global, stocks, bonds and private debt and equity.

Build Your Own Portfolio

with Socially and Environmentally Screened Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds

IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking to build their own investment portfolio

Self select from a wide range of mutual funds and exchange traded funds across asset classes and social and environmental themes. You can mix and match investments into a diversified portfolio to meet the financial goals for your philanthropic capital, while supporting the issues and causes that mean the most to you.

All mutual funds are offered at Institutional Class Shares, representing lower pricing.

Invest in Low-Income Communities and Women

Target your impact into low-income community investing and initiatives that empower women on a worldwide scale.

Investment Options

Investment Horizon


ImpactAssets Community Investment Strategy

1-3 years

A professionally managed portfolio that invests in fund managers addressing issues related to community development including affordable housing, financial inclusion, small business funding, sustainable agriculture and fair trade.

Calvert Impact Capital Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN)

0-12 months

The WIN-WIN initiative targets investments in organizations that develop and market clean technologies and energy solutions to women in the developing world, sectors that create outsized impact on women’s health.

To learn more about WIN-WIN, visit Calvert Impact Capital’s site.

Make A Direct Impact

with Private Debt & Equity “Direct Impact” Investments

IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking curated direct investments

The following private debt & equity options enable you to directly invest into innovative mission driven companies on the leading edge of impact investing.

Investment Options

Investment Horizon


Private Debt & Equity Direct Impact Funds

5-7 Years

A rotating selection of professionally managed funds that seek to generate significant social and environmental impact. Giving Fund clients are able to access these funds at lower minimums.

Seed Ventures Platform

5-7 Years

Through the Seed Ventures Platform, donors can recommend investments of as little as $2,500 to seed-stage impact ventures looking for capital to start or grow their businesses. There are currently no SVP investment options available. Please check back for more updates.

Design Your Own Impact

with Custom Investments

IDEAL FOR: Donors seeking to be an “impact entrepreneur”

We know that impact is personal. With the Custom Investments option, you can identify private impact investments that matter most to you.

Interested in Custom Investments?

Contact Sally Boulter, Senior Officer, Client Experience at 240.205.6499.

Investment Options

Investment Horizon


Custom Investments

5-7 Years

Donors can source and recommend direct investments into private mission-driven businesses, impact funds and nonprofit organizations that are committed to measuring and reporting on their financial returns as well as social and environmental impact.

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