Webinar: Investing for Climate Resilience

Join us on Thursday, September 12th from 1pm-2pm ET for a special conversation about investing for climate resilience with Spencer Glendon, Founder, Probable Futures and Margret Trilli, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, ImpactAssets.

Attendees will gain insights into what today’s climate models are telling us, the role of investing in climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, as well as strategies for fostering engagement, education and climate awareness to drive collective action.

Join us September 12th at 1pm ET
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Webinar Details

The latest scientific data and climate models paint a sobering picture of the realities of our rapidly changing planet. From rising sea levels and extreme weather events to biodiversity loss and food insecurity, the impacts of climate change are already being felt across the globe, disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities.  

Spencer Glendon has made it his life’s work to translate climate science into maps, practical tools, stories and resources available to everyone, everywhere. In this webinar, Spencer and Margret will discuss the latest climate change data and models, how storytelling and practical tools can inspire action, and innovative investment strategies to build a more resilient future. 



Spencer Glendon

Spencer founded Probable Futures to make climate science more accessible, useful, and intuitive so that everyone on Earth can build their climate literacy and mindfully prepare for the consequences that climate change is likely to bring. Spencer was previously a Macroanalyst, Partner and Director of Investment Research at Wellington Management. In addition to his role at Probable Futures, Spencer serves as a senior fellow at Woodwell Climate and as an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School. 

Margret Trilli headshot

Margret Trilli

As Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Margret is responsible for executive leadership, strategic growth and planning for all areas of ImpactAssets, including investment strategy and management. Prior to ImpactAssets, Margret’s 25-year career includes executive leadership, investment and operating roles for companies including Barclays Global Investors/Blackrock and Charles Schwab.

About Probable Futures 

Probable Futures is a non-profit climate literacy initiative that makes practical tools, stories, and resources available online to everyone, everywhere. The organization was founded in 2020 by a group of concerned leaders and citizens who started asking climate scientists direct, practical questions about what climate change would be like in different places around the world. Together with the Woodwell Climate Research Center, Probable Futures built an online resource that makes the best available climate science actionable. The team is made up of individuals and organizations with best-in-class expertise in design, technology, communications, business, and science. They apply cross-disciplinary thinking to educational resources and data tolls so they are accessible, resonant, and useful across geographies, sectors, and industries. 


About ImpactAssets’ Partners in Purpose Webinar Series 

ImpactAssets is proud to present a new webinar series aimed at examining critical issues – climate change, gender equality and racial equity – with leading experts, visionaries and changemakers. This thought-provoking new series will bring conversations designed to delve deeper into distinct topics within each of these areas, explore the gaps in capital flows, and highlight opportunities for impact investors to make a difference.   

Climate Solutions

Our Approach to Investing in Climate Solutions

See how we're channeling capital to areas where the biggest gaps in climate funding exist to help reduce global net greenhouse gas emissions and improve the climate resilience of vulnerable communities worldwide.